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Picture Framing Advice


Storage and Transport

Always store and carry your picture frame back to back or front to front as the hangers on the back of the picture frame can damage the frame underneath. Surface or float mounted articles should be handled upright if stored vertically or on their back if stored flat.

Picking Up a Picture Frame

It's important to carry your picture frame with a grip on both sides of it. By flexing the picture frame it may cause the corners to split. It is therefore important to pick up and transport your picture frame as shown in the image above.

Care of Original Art

Often when artworks are acquired or purchased, no budget exists for their immediate picture framing. To preserve their integrity and prevent damage due to handling, strategies for long-term appropriate storage should be addressed.

Frames on the Wall

Where to Hang It

It is important for you to consider the environmental factors which will have long-term effect on the safety of your art. Factors such as; UV light (sun, fluoro, and incandescent light), heat and cold (especially rapid change in temperature), as well as humidity (bathroom and tropics).

Glass Isn't Just Glass

Choosing the glazing material for your picture framing requires consideration of the site of hanging, personal taste, and the value of the artwork. If your artwork has major conservation requirements the glass of choice should be conservation glass which blocks 99% of UV.

Custom Framed Mirrors

We offer a variety of options when it comes to mirrors. We can custom make mirrors using the large variety of frames we have available and also offer specialty mirror options like bevelled edges, polished edges, and bronze and grey finishes.

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