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What We Do: Services

What We Do

Embroideries and Textiles

Your embroidery is an expression of yourself. Naturally you will want it to look its best when it is finished and framed. To achieve the best finish, you need a good beginning. Frames and Finishes will always strive to give you the best framing advice for your piece.

Objects and Oddities

Some objects that have a beauty or sentimental value often get hidden away in a draw and not seen but by being framed they can be enjoyed and admired on the wall. It might be a war medal, a piece of jewelry, a fossil or any keepsake you might have, we will find a way to mount and frame it.


Antique artworks such as oil paintings, watercolours, textiles or prints are prone to serious deterioration due to the materials that were available for picture framing at the time. We work closely with a conservator to assess the item and then recommend strategies for conservation picture framing.

Fine Art 

Fine art, limited editions, and original pieces require special care and treatment to ensure the longevity of the art in its best possible condition. We highly recommend conservation picture framing using conservation grade picture framing materials such as acid free mat board and backings, UV resistant glass and conservation mounting techniques.

Posters and Prints

Whether it's a poster of a sporting hero, a favourite movie, a reprint of one of your favourite paintings, or  family photos we can mount and frame it so you can enjoy it up on your wall.

Custom Framed Mirrors

We offer a variety of options when it comes to mirrors. We can custom make mirrors using the large variety of frames we have available and also offer specialty mirror options like bevelled edges, polished edges, and bronze and grey finishes.

Degrees and Certificates

It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to earn your degree so it’s important to treat it with the respect it deserves. It is also a legal document that is irreplaceable and for these reasons it is recommended that conservation picture framing is applied.

Stretched Canvas

We stretch art on canvas and linen on to high quality stretcher frames to a very high standard. We add a foam core backing to enclose the stretcher frame and prevent any dust and dirt build up. This can then have an outer frame added to it at any stage.

Blank Canvas Stretching

We stretch primed linen and primed cotton on to tongue and groove joined stretcher bar which is only available in set sizes. However, if you need a custom sized art stretcher, we can provide that with our custom-made stretcher bars.

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