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Hi there, thanks for visiting our blog!

You're probably wondering why we've started this blog, right? That's a very good question. I'll be honest with you. There's a couple reasons and I think you'll be able to guess what one of those reasons is. Yep, you guessed it...COVID-19. Bear with me for a moment as I start with the doom and gloom. There's no way to sugar coat it. Business has taken a turn for the worse and we've found ourselves with more time on our hands than we'd like but rather than wallow in self-pity we're trying to stay productive and positive. Prior to this worldwide pandemic of epic proportions we had a list of things that needed doing in and around the shop. One of those things? Yep, you guessed right again...start a blog. While COVID-19 has given us the time to start writing this, we've really started it for one simple reason; Passion. We're passionate about picture framing and we want to use this blog to share that passion with you. We want to enlighten you to the glory of custom picture framing and the sense of satisfaction well framed art can give you.

That's the why accounted for, so now you're probably wondering what we're going to be blogging about? Another good question (you're pretty good at asking them). Through regular entries you'll learn about a range of different aspects related to picture framing. One week you'll get a break down of picture framing lingo and what all it all means, another week you'll find out what good picture framing practice is, and we'll even delve into home decor topics and give you gallery wall hanging ideas. While we have plenty of topics that we want to talk about we're also keen to hear what you want to read. So please, if there's anything specific you want us to write about or any picture framing related questions you might have, don't hesitate to ask! Let us know in the comments section or you can flick us an email.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of all that is picture framing, I thought it would be appropriate to kick things off with our first blog post introducing the Frames and Finishes team (there's only two of us so this shouldn't take long). We're a mother and son duo which is made up of Penny (on the left) and myself, Finn (on the right, but that was probably obvious to you).

Now I'd been thinking about the best way to introduce us. I quickly came to the conclusion you probably don't want to know every intimate detail about our lives, so I'll spare you the unnecessarily long profile pieces. Instead I thought it would be fun for us to keep this short and sweet by both answering a few questions. We'll start off with Penny who's been in the picture framing game for over 25 years now (her picture framing career is almost as old as I am) and in that time she’s gained a vast amount of experience in the industry.

Firstly, what did you do before picture framing?

Penny: My background is in fashion. I trained at the London College of Fashion and I had my own children's wear business in the UK called ‘Tangerine Childrenswear’. When we came out to Australia, I wanted to do something completely different and taught swimming before I got into picture framing.

Finn: I was working as an industrial designer at Seeley International, part of a team designing a new evaporative air conditioner. Prior to that I was studying, first a Bachelor of Product Innovation and then a Graduate Diploma in Product Design.

What got you into the picture framing industry?

P: Shortly after moving over from England with my family I tried out a WEA course in picture framing and got hooked (excuse the pun). I then pestered my local picture framer I've Been Framed in Blackwood and they eventually gave in and gave me a job which taught me the professional methods of picture framing. Since then I've moved to different picture framers around Adelaide, continually learning something new.

F: As I'd mentioned I was happily working as an industrial designer when mum mentioned that the previous owners where she worked, Geoff and Jennifer, were looking to retire and therefore wanted to sell the shop. She was interested but didn't want to do it alone, so I took a chance and went into business with her and haven't looked back since.

What do you love most about picture framing?

P: What I love about picture framing is that everything we deal with is different, no chance to get bored. I get to satisfy my creative side when putting together looks for a piece of art. I find it very easy to visualise a finished look. It is an amazing feeling when you have a finished a framed piece and know that we transformed it and, by using conservation materials, it will be around for future generations to enjoy.

F: It's that no two jobs are the same; one day I'll be framing a university degree and the next I could be framing the lid of a wooden crate that a sculpture was sent from France in (yes, I did frame that, refer to the photo below for proof).

So that's the first introduction done. You'll no doubt get to know us a better as this blog grows and progresses, but for now that should be enough to get us started. Keep an eye out for our next entry where I break down the language of picture framing.

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Ellison Williams
Ellison Williams
Jan 30

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